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Florida BuildingForms Executive Summary

What is Florida BuildingForms?

Florida BuildingForms is a software program that creates and prints documents used in Florida's construction industry, including Notice of Commencement, Notice to Owner, Lien Releases, Final Affidavits and many others.

How does Florida BuildingForms Work?

The program creates the completely filled out documents using names and projects in the database, plus additional information prompted by the individual forms.  Florida BuildingForms also keeps a log of every document printed, and includes powerful search features that allow you search the database for a specific document or documents by a number of criteria including by project, by name and by author.

How is it Installed?

You may install Florida BuildingForms by downloading it from our website at www.FloridaBuildingForms.com or from our Installation CD.  The professional installation program will guide you through the short process.  A concise, 5-step Download & Installation Guide is available on our website.

How is it Setup?

Setting up Florida BuildingForms involves entering the names and addresses of your company and the companies you do business with, and setting up your current projects.  All the information may be entered "on the fly", and may be changed at any time.  A concise 5-step Registration & Setup Guide is available on our website.

What is the Basic Procedure?

Florida BuildingForms is fast and easy.  On the Main Screen, select the Project and the Document, then enter the Additional Information as prompted for that document. That's it, you're done!

You may preview and print the document using the on-screen buttons.  Preview, change the information, and preview again until you are satisfied, then print a picture-perfect document.

Other Important Features

Florida BuildingForms is packed with a number of important features designed to make the entire job of creating and tracking these important documents as efficient as possible.

  • Use the Projects database to keep track of important milestone dates such as the date the Notice of Commencement was recorded, the date you sent a Notice to Owner, how it was sent, the date it was received, the date of every partial and final Lien Release, and several others.  It also allows you to record the date, record book and page number of the Notice of Commencement, a Lien and a Satisfaction of Lien.  The Projects dialog box has a report has a summary report that displays every document created for that project.

  • The Document Libraries feature allows you to select from one of several lists of documents tailored for your type of business.  Of course, you can change to another list or to the master list at any time.

  • Use the Find Documents to search the Document History Log of previous documents.  You can sort and/or filter by a number of criteria, including by Project, by Program User, by Document Title, and by any name on the document.  A simple double-click on the document will open the document for your review.

  • Use Default Entries to set specific information to always appear on the documents when you first create them.  For example, set your company as the default Vendor, and every document with a Vendor will already have your company selected as the Vendor.  Of course, you can override the selection at any time on any document, and you can change the Default Entries at any time.

  • Use Mailing Labels to print mailing labels as quickly as you can select the names from a pull-down list.  This is a real time-saver for getting those documents in the mail and out the door.

  • Use Print Blank to print an entirely blank document, and of course, you can print any document with any one or several spaces blank.

What Documentation is Provided?

Florida BuildingForms is EASY to LEARN, but to ensure that all your questions are answered, we put together several items to help you.

The one-page Download & Installation Guide will steer you through this simple process, even if this is your 1st time downloading a program. The equally short one-page Registration & Setup Guide will show you how to set up the program for you specific type of business.

The Speed Manual is a concise, 4 page "mini" manual of the programs features and functions. The full Manual is slightly more expansive, with larger type for easier reading. Both manuals have extensive hyperlinks to help you move quickly to the subject of interest.

The Menu Command Reference lists every menu command with an explanation of it's purpose. The Dialog Box Reference describes every dialog box and the purpose of every function, control or data entry field on them.

The Document Reference is a catalog of every document in the program and description of it's purpose, with a number of links to a copy of the Florida Statute 713, the Construction Lien Law, which is also available for your review.

The Limitations

Florida BuildingForms is a great program, but like all software programs, there are a couple of things it doesn't do, although the list is relatively short.

Florida BuildingForms does not allow you to change the wording or layout of the documents.  Of course, you are completely in charge of the entries on the documents, you just cannot change the layout. However, we do offer a customization service wherein we can create customized documents to your specifications, so if you want to modify one of our forms, or you need an entirely new form, contact us for a quote.

Florida BuildingForms does not automatically enter the dates that documents are mailed, received or recorded.  You must enter these dates into the Project database yourself.  The reason is because BuildingForms only knows the day you printed a document, and that date is not necessarily the date you mailed or recorded it.  We provide you with the ability to enter these important milestone dates yourself because we know you need to keep careful track of them, but it's not an automatic function.


Florida BuildingForms is easy to learn, easy to use, and will make quick work of creating, printing, mailing and tracking these important documents.  If you play any role in the Florida construction industry that requires you to use these documents, you cannot afford not to have this program.

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