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Table of Contents

Introduction  An overview of the program's features and capabilities. 2 pgs 
Download / Install  Instructions for downloading and installing the program 1 pgs 
Registration / Setup  Setting up the program for your business. 1 pgs 
Users Guide  Step by Step procedures for operating the program.. 4 pgs 
 Document List  Descriptions of every document produced by the program. 13 pgs 
 Main Screen 
 File Menu 
 Projects Menu 
 Names Menu 
 Lables Menu 
 Settings Menu 
 Help Menu 
A complete reference of every menu command,
dialog box, and data entry area.
14 pgs 
Printing Instructions  Browser settings for printing our manuals, guides & references. 2 pgs 
Legal Notices  License Agreement, Warranty, Copyright Notice, etc. 3 pgs 

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