ContractWriter Demo Manual  
  1. ContractWriter is an Excel spreadsheet program designed to write construction contracts and related documents for residential and light commercial construction projects.
  2. ContractWriter works by providing you with a Checklist of Contract Clauses from which you select those that you wish to include in your contract.
  3. Once you've selected the contract clauses, the menu command "Generate Contract" will copy them to the Contract page, then number, outline and format them to create your customized contract.
  4. ContractWriter's Checklist contains over 350 pre-written contract clauses for your immediate use.
  5. You can add, edit, overwrite or delete anything on the checklist, which means you can customize it specifically for your business.
  6. You can change the checklist and re-generate new contract at any time.
  7. You may also create a Draw Schedule, Allowance Schedule, Warranty, Cover page and other documents.

  1. A Windows 95 or 98 based computer.
  2. Microsoft Excel 97 or Excel 2000 or Microsoft Office 97.
  3. Some experience starting programs and opening files.

  1. The installation program that will effortlessly install the ContractWriter demo file.
  2. To install the Demo File from the CD:
    • Insert the CD into your CD drive.
    • Wait a couple of minutes - the CD's menu program will start automatically.
    • Select "Install ContractWriter 4.0 Demo"
  3. To install the Demo File from our website, please follow the instructions on the Download page.
  4. The installation program will...
    • Create an icon on your desktop named "ContractWriter Files".
    • Create a folder on your hard disc named "c:/PowerTools/ContractWriter".
    • Copy "Randall Residence Contract.xls" into the folder.
  5. That's all there is to it!

  1. The Randall Residence Contract demo is a typical contract for a fixed price new home to be built on the Owner's lot.
  2. To open the Demo File from the Windows Desktop:
    • Double-click the ContractWriter Files icon.
    • Double-click the Randall Residence Contract icon.

  1. While using the Demo File, you can...
    • Print or Preview any document.
    • Change the Checklist selections or the wording of the clauses.
    • Generate the Contract as many times as you wish.
  2. You can not change the Company or Customer Name, switch to the Excel Menu, or save the file.

  1. FIRST, use Contract | Generate Contract to re-generate the Contract to fit your printer.
  2. Use Contract | Print Contracts to print the Randall Residence Contract.
  3. Change the Contract by...
    • Reviewing a specific section of the Contract.
    • Go to that Category on the Checklist.
    • Observe how the Checklist is selected.
    • Change several of the selections to other choices.
    • Use Contract | Generate Contract to re-generate the Specifications.
    • Review the revised Contract and observe the impact of your changes.

  1. Use File | Close Contract File to close the file.

  1. ContractWriter is $195.00 plus $15.00 for S&H
  2. You may pay for your order by VISA, MasterCard or Check.
  3. You may place your order by...
    • Going online at
    • Call us at 407-831-6088.
    • Fax the order form to 407-831-6088.
    • Mail the order form to:

    • PowerTools Software, Inc.
      8345 NW 66th St #9817
      Miami, FL 33166-2626

  4. Upgrades are FREE for the 1st year after you purchase ContractWriter.
  5. Orders are shipped via Priority Mail. Purchasers requesting next day delivery please add $25.00.

PLEASE REMEMBER to re-generate the Contract prior to printing them on your printer.

TO RE-GENERATE the Contract:

  1. Select "Contract"
  2. Select "Generate Contract"
  3. This will format the pages to fit your printer.
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