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Contract Menu Commands


These are the menu commands under the Contract Menu.

Contract Menu Commands
Menu Description
Generate Contract This command will start the process that reads the Checklist and creates the Contract documents.

Generating the Contract involves:
  1. Copying the contract clauses you "tagged" on the Checklist to the Contract page.
  2. Numbering and lettering them into the outline format.
  3. Writing the project name at the top of each page.
  4. Formatting the page breaks.
  5. Writing the page number on the bottom of each page.
  6. Formatting the print range.

You may generate Contract as many times as you wish until you are satisfied with the documents.

Preview this Document This command will open the Print Preview function, which will present the current document (Contract, Draw Schedule, Allowance Schedule, etc.) on the screen exactly as it will be printed.

In the Preview mode you can use the menu bar at the top of the page to move between the pages and to zoom in on any portion of a page for a closer view.

You can also use the Margins menu to change the page margins, but we strongly suggest that you leave our default settings as they are.

Use the Close menu button to close the Print Preview function when you are finished reviewing the Specifications.

It's always a good idea to preview the Contract documents before printing them.

Print this Document This command will print the entire current document on your default printer.

If you need to send the print job to another printer, or if you only want to print a page or specific pages of the document, then you should use File | Print Dialog Box instead.

Multiple Documents ContractWriter has a Multiple Documents feature that allows you to select a group of documents to preview and print together with one command.

The idea is that most contracts are actually comprised of a collection of documents that need to be reviewed and printed together.

Previewing and Printing documents as a group is easy to learn and will be a great timesaver.

To use the Multiple Documents feature:
  1. Select Multiple Documents to open the dialog box.
  2. Select the documents to be included in the Multiple Documents group.
  3. Select the Preview button to preview the selected group of documents in sequence.
  4. Select the Print to print the selected group of documents.
  5. You may change the document selections at any time, upon which ContractWriter will remember the latest selections.

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