Reimbursable Expenses Close this Window

This form is designed to be printed on the outside of a 7.5 x 10 envelope.  The idea is to control all those miscellaneous receipts (gas, postage, hardware store, etc.) that you pay for out of your pocket every day by sticking them in a envelope that you keep in your truck.  The form printed on the outside of the envelope allows you to jot the basic details of each expenditure, including the coding and job number of the expense.  Once every week (or any time you want), you total the receipts, write yourself a reimbursement check for the total (split according to the form), staple the stub of the check to the outside of the envelope and put it with your paid bills.  This way you get reimbursed for these out-of-pocket expenses without having to actually log each and every receipt into your bookkeeping.  It's important to keep a good paper trail of these cash expenses, and with this procedure, if an auditor wants proof of a specific check, let him dig through the envelope and add up the receipts himself.  The procedure can work for employees also, which is why we've included a signature line on the bottom.  We designed the form to print on the smaller envelope (instead of a standard 9x12 envelope) specifically so it would easily fit in the file with your other 8.5x11 bills.  You may also print the form on plain paper if you prefer.