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Twelve Reasons



You don't have the time to experiment, and you don't need too, because I've already spent hundreds of hours working this program to death.  I've tested every feature, viewed every report, and tried every possible combination of data entry procedures.  I know what works, and what doesn't work.  I know what to ignore in the QB manual, and what QB can do that the manual doesn't even discuss.


Are you satisfied with your Chart of Accounts?  How about your Job Cost Code system?  Is it really complete?  I've got a great numbering system that is specifically designed to link specification writing, estimating AND bookkeeping together.  I've even written a section in this Website on how the entire system is organized and why it's much better that any other system on the market.


Do you know the best way to track Job Costs?  Should you use classes, items, memos or accounts?  What about Labor - Material - Subcontract - Rental? Well, I know the correct answer, and just as importantly, I know why it's the best answer, and it isn't what QuickBooks suggests.


Do you know how to enter the payments you receive from your customer in such a manner that you can create a complete, accurate and readable statement of your customer's account?  How about tracking change orders and extras?  The answers would surprise you, but there is no mention of these techniques in the QB manual.


Do you know how to get a Lien Release printed automatically every time you write a check? I do, and it's great not having to type separate lien releases anymore.  The procedure is completely effortless, but you won't find any hint of it in the QB manual.


Do you know what procedures to follow at the end of each year to legitimately move income and expenses into the next year.  Holding a customer's check or stashing a vendor's bill in a drawer isn't the answer.  Shifting income is something that IRS auditors are always looking for, but this procedure puts you in control and complies with Federal requirements.


Do you know to handle the bookkeeping when the customer pays one of your vendors directly?  How about when the title company pays closing costs and sales commissions at closing.  You want your accounts receivable, accounts payable and job cost reports to be accurate, but you never actually received the money.  The QuickBooks manual isn't going to be any help.


Do you know how to use the program to track your subcontractor's Workers Comp Insurance Policies? QuickBooks doesn't even talk about this subject, but why should they?  They don't get audited by insurance companies looking to use any lapse in coverage as an excuse to charge you more!  I've developed a report in QuickBooks that will keep you on top of this potential problem.


Do you know why you shouldn't use time tracking and why you shouldn't use the QuickBooks time sheets to track job costs?  Don't worry, in about six months it will become obvious.  However, if you want, I can show you a better method that is just as accurate, and it produces better reports.


Do you know the best method of inventorying your Fixed Assets and tracking each of their Accumulated Depreciation and current Book Values?  It isn't what the QuickBooks manual suggests, but you can follow their advice as long as you don't mind a balance sheet a mile long with meaningless multiple subtotals.


Do you know the best way to enter job names?  How about tracking rental properties, model homes or subdivision development costs?  Do you know how to keep them in chronological order?  The manual is all wrong, but you can follow it as long as you don't mind looking up customers on a list that's twice as long as it needs to be.


Do you know how to setup budgets for job costs?  The QuickBooks manual leaves out one small piece of advice that will leave you staring at the screen, wondering what to do next.  I've got the quick solution.

The list goes on: Purchase Orders, Inventory, Expenses vs Cost of Goods Sold, Completed Contracts accounting, etc.,  Every decision needs to be examined for it's effect on the rest of the system.

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