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Reports Menu Reference

Reports Menu Commands


These are the menu commands under the Reports Menu.

Reports Menu Commands
Menu Description
Report Finder

This menu command will start the QuickBooks Report Finder, which is a dialog box that attempts to help you find the type of report you need by displaying sample report layouts of the standard reports for your review.

This report can be helpful in identifying a type of report because it's faster than actually generating the different reports themselves.

Memorized Reports

This menu command will display a submenu list of your Memorized Reports List, where you can select one of the reports you have previously memorized, or you can select the Memorized Reports submenu which will open the traditional Memorized Reports dialog box where you can select, rename or delete the reports on the list.

The Memorized Reports dialog box is also where you can create and name report groups and subsequently designate reports which of your memorized reports are included in the group. This new feature is a important toll in that it allows you to create several reports as one batch, a capability that can come in handy when you consider that most Builders generally want to review the same reports for each active project each week.

Process Multiple Reports

This is the menu command that will actually create every report in your reports groups, subsequently displaying a list that will allow you to select the individual reports you want to display and/or print.

Company & Financial

The list of standard reports available in the Reports menu are self-explanatory.

Almost every customized report you would consider creating would probably start as one of these standard reports. The best way to learn how you can modify a standard report is to experiment with all the possible report options, potential columns displays, filters and compound filters, headers and footers, and other possible options. Remember this: There is nothing you can do to a report to effect the underlying data, and no matter what you do to a report, you can always close it and start over.

Customers & Receivables


Jobs & Time

Vendor & Payables



Employees & Payroll


Accountant & Taxes



Custom Summary Reports

These are basically report wizards that will lead you through the steps and options towards developing a customized Summary Report or Transaction Detail Report.

Custom Transaction Detail Report

Quick Report

This menu command is identical to the Quick Report command that is available to you when you have selected any item on any list. It is essentially a transaction detail report for that account, customer, vendor etc. for the current month.

Transaction History

This menu command will open a report showing the entire history of any transaction that you have highlighted in another window.

For example, if you have highlighted a bill payment check in the check register, the report will show you the check and the original bill itself.

This is the same report that is available to you from within the transaction window itself under the Transaction History button.

Transaction Journal

This menu command will open a report that will show both sides of the double entry that was created by any transaction you have highlighted in another window.

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