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Window Menu Reference

Window Menu Commands


These are the menu commands under the Windows Menu. Please note that some of these menu commands may be worded slightly differently, and some menu items not even appear on your menu simply because the QuickBooks menu will change depending upon how many times you've opened the file, how long you've been using that particular version of QuickBooks, and how you have your preferences set.

Another factor that will influence what menu commands appear on your menu is your preferences. For example, if you turn the Navigator off under the preferences, then the Navigator menu commands will not appear on your menus.

If you think all of this is confusing, you should try to write a manual about it.

Window Menu Commands
Menu Description

This menu command will re-arrange your open windows so they are neatly positioned on top of each other with the title bar visible at the top. This allows you to quickly review and select a specific window.

Tile Vertically

This menu command will re-size and re-arrange your open windows so they are in a pattern that resembles tiles on a wall, although they will still overlap. to me the effect is somewhat confusing and I'm not sure what purpose is served.

Tile Horizontally

Arrange Icons

If you have reduced several QuickBooks windows to icons, this command will re-arrange them along the bottom of your QuickBooks desktop window.

Close All

This menu command will close all your open windows and retuyre you to a clean QuickBooks Desktop.

This is a command that should have a hot key!

Show QuickBooks Navigator

If you have your preferences set to display the QuickBooks Navigator, then this command will be visible and will allow you to display the Navigator.
Show Navigation Bar

This will display the Navigator bar on the left side of your QuickBooks Window.

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