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SpeedContracts FAQ

What is the difference between SpeedContracts and ContractWriter?

SpeedContracts is written for remodeling projects and uses standard template forms. ContractWriter is written for custom homes and large remodeling projects, and uses a checklist of contract terms that you can select from to create more specifically worded contracts.

Can I use SpeedContracts with SpecWriter?

Yes.  Many SpeedContracts users also use SpecWriter to write the project specifications which are then incorporated into the SpeedContracts contract by reference.

What size and type of projects should I use SpeedContracts for?

SpeedContracts is designed for a number of types of projects from handyman repairs to remodeling projects to trade subcontracts.

Can I change or customize the SpeedContracts documents?

Yes.  Any wording on any document may be edited if you desire.

Can I setup special contracts for specific types of projects?

Yes.  Many SpeedContracts will write special contracts for specific projects and save those files.

For example, I know a roofing contractor that has customized a SpeedContracts file for asphalt shingle roofs. He named the file "Roofing Contract" and when he needs to write a roofing contracts, he simply opens that file (instead of his regular SpeedContracts file), enters the customer information, changes a few things (shingle brand and color, etc.) and hits the print button.

Another SpeedContracts user does a lot of bathroom remodeling and has a standard package for remodeling a 5x8 bathroom that he advertises. When he gets a call, he opens up his "Bathroom Package" file, enters the customer name and info, changes a few items (like tile colors) and prints the contract in less than five minutes!

What about special contract wording that is required in my area?

No Problem.  Just add the special wording to the Legal Notices page and print it along with every contract. If your area requires that the special wording must be on the face of the contract or where the customer signs the contract, then edit the contracts accordingly and save them for reuse.

How do I get my Company name and other information into the documents?

Simply select "Contractor Info" and enter the indicated information, which will then be automatically written into every document in the program.

As a general practice, you will usually enter the Contractor information when you first get the program, and then save the the file so that it's already in the program each time you open it to write a new contract.

How do I enter the customer's name and other information into the documents?

Select "Customer Info" under the File menu and enter the indicated information, which will then be automatically written into every document in the program.

How do I enter the details about the project into the documents?

Just type the details right into the documents on the screen.

Why don't you have a demo of SpeedContracts?

There really isn't anything to demonstrate with SpeedContracts that you cannot immediately see in the screen and document images on the website. It's actually a very simple program to operate: Enter the information on the screen, select the desired documents, and select the Print button.

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