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Introduction to SpeedContracts

General Information

SpeedContracts is a fully automated Excel program that writes the Contract, Terms & Conditions, Draw Schedules, Allowance Schedules, Warranties, Right of Rescission and other related contract documents for residential and light commercial remodeling remodeling projects.

This introduction will provide a quick overview of the program and it's features so you'll know what to expect it to do, and a summary of the various manuals, guides and references that comprise the program manual, so you'll know where to start and where to find additional information.


You may install SpeedContracts by downloading it from our website at www.PowerToolsSoftware.com.  If you've never downloaded a file before, a concise Download Guide is also available on the website.  You may also install SpeedContracts from our Installation CD.  With either method, our professional installation program will install the program for you in less than 60 seconds.


Setting up SpeedContracts involves entering your company name and address, and making a couple of display settings to match the program to your computer monitor.  A concise 6-step Installation & Setup Guide is available on our website.

Basic Procedure

The program works by a simple process of providing you with 6 different contract forms and 7 supplemental documents with your company information, the customer's contact information, and the project's name and address already written on each document.  All you do is decide which contract and other documents you want to use, and then enter the description of the work, the price and the payment schedule directly into the document on the screen.

After you have completed the documents, you can preview and print them.  If something needs to be revised, just change it and re-print until you are satisfied, then save.

Previewing & Printing

You may preview and print any document using the menu commands under that document's menu.  Preview, change the document, and preview again until you are satisfied, then print the contract.

Other Features

A comprehensive list and descriptions of the program's major features is available on the Program Features page.

One Time Entry automatically writes your company's name, address and phone number, the customer's name, address and phone numbers, and the project's name and address onto every contract and addendum in the program.

6 Pre-Configured Contracts, from a concise repair order, to several one and two page contracts, to our larger multi-page contract, plus other numerous supplemental documents already setup for you to select and begin using right away.  Of course, you'll probably want to customize our basic contracts with your own additional clauses, but these are a great start.

9 Contract Addendums ready to go, including a Draw Schedule, Warranty, Additional Terms & Conditions, Additional Specifications, Time-of-Completion, Right of Rescission, Legal Notices and our popular Confirmation of Instruction.

More than 100 Contract Clauses in 4 different sets of Terms and Conditions, edited from hundreds of contractor's contracts from across the entire country.  We researched and identified the best-worded clauses on every subject that we could find, and you'll benefit immediately from our hard work.

A Customize ability allows you to change or add additional clauses that may be unique to your business or to the specific project.

A Data Entry Restriction feature that prevents you from accidentally typing over a part of the forms.  Of course, you can turn this feature off to edit the forms as necessary.

A Template capability where you can name and save template contracts for instant recall.  This allows you to create standard contracts, save and then recall them at any time.  This is a great time saver when writing contracts for the same or similar projects.

Automated Draw Schedule that divides up your Contract Price into draw amounts from the percentages you entered.  Letting the program do the math allows you to focus on the draw descriptions and percentages.  Of course, you can override the percentages and simply enter the dollar amounts if you wish.

A Legal Notices page where you can permanently add any contract notices that may be required in your State or locality.

A Multiple Documents feature that allows you to select a group of documents to preview and print together with one command.  This makes easy work of printing multi-page contracts.

The Documentation

SpeedContracts is EASY to LEARN, but to ensure that all your questions are answered, we put together several items to help you.

The Manual's Table of Contents provides an easy-to-review list with descriptions and links to all the documents that comprise the SpeedContracts Manual.  You may also download all the manual's documents in PDF format from the Download Page.

The 1 page Installation & Setup Guide will steer you through the simple process of downloading the program and setting it up for your business.

The User Guide is a concise, 4 page "mini" manual of the programs features and functions.

The Reference section of the Manual includes separate webpages for each of the main menu commands   Each of the separate pages lists every menu command under that menu, with an explanation of it's purpose, and describes every dialog box and the purpose of every function, control or data entry field on them.

The Document Summary is a catalog of every document in the program and description of it's purpose

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