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Settings Menu

Settings Menu Commands


These are the menu commands under the Settings Menu.

Settings Menu Commands
Menu Description
Contractor Information This command will open the Contractor Information dialog box where, if you followed the Installation and Setup Guide, you should have already entered your company's business name as you wish it to appear on the top of the Specifications pages.

Program Settings This command will open the Program Settings dialog box and allow you to change or set a number of controls that effect how SpeedContracts operates.

Restore Excel Menu
This command will allow you to jump back and forth between the custom SpeedContracts menu and the standard Excel menu.
  1. Select Settings | Restore Excel Menu to close the SpeedContracts menu and open the standard Excel menu.
  2. Use the SpeedContracts command on the Excel Menu to return to the SpeedContracts menu.
  3. You may switch between the two menus at any time.
  4. You may switch to the Excel menu at any time, however, we are not responsible for anything you do to the file from within Excel. This includes performing any of the items listed below.

  1. Change the height of any row anywhere in the Program.
  2. Perform massive moving, copying or modifying of the Documents.
  3. Attempt to word wrap a sentence that's too long for one row.
  4. Change the font sizes.
  5. Ask us to fix anything you did while you were in the Excel menu, and outside of our programming control.

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Program Settings Dialog Box
Menu Description
Default Folder This is the file path that SpeedContracts uses when you activate the Save to Hard Drive command under the File Menu.

The default setting is c:\PowerTools\SpeedContracts, which is the folder that was created by the SpeedContracts installation program.

We suggest that you leave this setting alone unless you have a compelling reason to use another folder, perhaps because you are using SpeedContracts on a network drive.

SpeedContracts will operate correctly regardless of which file path you elect to use.

Data Entry Restrictions You may modify any of the SpeedContracts documents as you may wish, including changing the document titles, the wording within the documents, or the wording of the fine print in the various Terms and Conditions.

To prevent you from accidentally overwriting the existing wording on the documents, SpeedContracts has a protection feature called Data Entry Restrictions.

When the Data Entry Restriction is ON, you will get a caution message if you try to make an entry into a portion of a document that we don't generally expect you to write in.

Before you can make changes to these areas, you will need to turn Data Entry Restrictions OFF, as follows:
  • Use Settings | Program Settings to access the Settings dialog box.
  • Uncheck Data Entry Restrictions to turn the Data Entry Restrictions off.  This will allow you to make any changes you may wish to any part of the documents.

When you are finished making any desired modifications, we strongly suggest you turn the Data Entry Restrictions back on. This will prevent you from accidentally overwriting areas of the documents that you would normally want to leave untouched.

Remember, you may always turn the Data Entry Restrictions off again to make additional modifications.

Set Print Delay This setting allows you to set a delay in the time between when multiple documents are sent to your printer.

This setting only effects the timing between print jobs in the Multiple Documents function.  Individual print jobs are not effected.

This setting is only needed in some print situations, most notably when using ink jet printers, where the printer or the print buffer cannot accept multiple print jobs sent in rapid succession.  Laser printers rarely experience this problem.

When you use the Multiple Documents print function, you are essentially sending a series of separate print jobs to your printer at one time.  It's the equivalent of manually pressing Control-P in rapid succession.

All the setting does is make SpeedContracts wait the specified number of seconds between sending the print jobs to the printer.

If you don't experience a problem with your printer or your print spooler handling the Multiple Documents, then you can set this to No Delay.

If your printer starts to act funny when you sent it Multiple Documents, like it just stops printing, then you need to increase this setting.

The best method to determine what delay to set is to time how long your printer takes to print a typical SpeedContracts page.  If it takes 30 seconds to print a single page, then you know to set the delay at 30 seconds.

The default setting in SpeedContracts is 60 seconds.

You may change this setting at any time.

SpeedContracts will operate properly in all other functions regardless of what setting you have entered here.

Screen Resolution This setting allows you to change the zoom for all the pages to match your monitor resolution.

If you do not know your monitor resolution, then you should experiment with the settings and view the Checklist, which should properly fill your monitor from side to side on the correct setting.

If neither of the default settings appear to be correct, you may enter a percentage instead.

If you have a large 19" monitor, you may decide to use a setting that doesn't fill the entire screen.

Remember: You may change this setting as often as you like until you are satisfied with the result.

The default setting is for a 800x600 monitor.

SpeedContracts will operate correctly regardless of which Screen Resolution you elect to use.

Reset Printing This command will initiate a routine that will comb through SpeedContracts and attempt to reset all the printer settings for all the documents.

The routine can take up to 5 minutes.

The purpose of this routine is to help reset these sensitive settings in the event you may have attempted to alter them, which you shouldn't have a need to do in the first place.

Nevertheless, we observed that most of the few tech support calls we were getting were related to the fact that SpeedContracts wouldn't print the documents properly, largely because the user monkeyed with the preset margins and print ranges.

The vast majority of SpeedContracts users will never need to use this command.

OK Button The OK button will save your settings and close the dialog box.

Cancel Button

The Cancel button will close the dialog without saving your changes.

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