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UnitCost now Available!

UnitCost, the Excel spreadsheet that uses your labor rates and material cost to calculate more than 100 structural models is now finished.
More Info   Download   It's FREE!

Productivity Study

This monumental study compares the labor productivity rates from 8 national construction cost publications to provide accurate rates for calculating concrete, masonry and carpentry manpower requirements.
More Info   Download   It's FREE!

Need a good Chart of Accounts for QuickBooks?

My Chart of Accounts was developed in conjunction with 100's of builders and includes virtually every account you could ever need. Check it out!
More Info   Chart of Accounts   It's FREE!

Need some Cool Forms?

My FREE Excel Forms Library includes employee timesheets, bookkeeping forms, cost code reference charts, Design Agreements and my very popular Confirmation of Instructions.
More Info   Download   The're FREE!

Need help downloading
files from a website?

My step-by-step instructions with all the screen shots makes this as easy as addressing an envelope.
Show Me How!   It's FREE!

QuickBooks Pro Template

This is the best Construction Template file on the market. Includes a comprehensive Chart of Accounts, Item list, Customer, Vendor and Job Type lists filled out, customized forms, memorized reports and much more! This file will have you up and running with QuickBooks in 5 minutes.
Executive Summary   Template Features   Sample Reports   Only $150.00

SpecWriter 5.0

Write detailed specifications quickly with the most comprehensive checklist on the market, then finish your estimate on a worksheet that matches your Specifications. Includes 4,000 pre-written Specifications, a Takeoff, Schedule of Values, and Field Notes. Easy to read specification outline. Fully customizable, fast revis-ions. The checklist format ensures nothing is left out, and your estimate includes money for everything you've agreed to do.
Executive Summary   Program Features   Screen Images   Only $295.00

ContractWriter 4.0

Use the checklist to select exactly the clauses you want in each contract, or use one of the 10 template contracts included in the program. Writes Fixed-Price, Cost-Plus, Design/Build, Site Built and other contracts. Includes the Contract, Draw Schedules, Allowance Schedules, Warranties, Cover Sheet and much more. Create picture-perfect contracts in minutes.
Executive Summary   Program Features   Screen Images   Only $195.00

SpeedContracts 4.0

When you need to write remodeling contracts quickly, this is the software tool. Enter the basic info about the project, then select from over 30 different documents including Contracts, Draw Schedules, Addendum, Warranties. Select the documents and print together as a batch. Easy to use!
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